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Experts speculate that shutters go way back to early Greece. People built windows as openings just for ventilation. Greece was known for its strong winds and storms so shutters were invented to protect homes from the elements of nature. This invention soon spread to Europe, America and later to the entire world making shutters a global phenomenon. Designed from a variety of materials, the aluminium, wooden and pvc shutters have proven to be among the popular and practical choices. They are used for controlled ventilation and light during the hot seasons and then a barrier against the harsh winds and rain during the cold seasons. Shutters have undoubtably stood the test of time and should be an easy decision when deciding to dress your windows or doors. Once you choose the correct material for the right application, you are able to enjoy the benefits of a great product that is designed to bring a sophisticated and elegant look to your home while at the same time offering protection where you need it the most.

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