Bi-fold Shutters

Bi-fold shutters are generally used to cover doorways, or as a modern room divider. They can also be used on windows and work especially well for floor to ceiling windows.

Features and Benefits

Fold away: Their main appeal is their ability to fold away from an opening to give a completely unobstructed view.

Made to Stack: These shutters are made to stack against one another with a concertina effect. They can be stacked in either direction and the panels overlap so no light can come through them.

Versatile Design: Bi-fold shutters are versatile and can be made to sit at either 90 degrees to the opening so that light and air are let through while still maintaining privacy, or they can be made to sit flat against the opening.

Hidden Shutter Tracks: The tracks are hidden by our own attractive fascias, and ring pulls are built into the shutters for easy opening and closing. We can also supply flush bolts as an extra security feature.

Shutter Configuration Options